The most deadly island

The most deadly island

Heard of Lake  murder, but the murder island you know? Some islands on earth, or because of anthrax spores attack, or because of the accumulation of a large number of coastal nuclear waste, or because of constantly releasing sulfur gases to the atmosphere and become frightened people heard about the murder Island. Worthy of our reflection, this is where most of the “lethal factor”, is caused by human reckless behavior.


Bikini Atoll

1946 Operation Crossroads Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands on the U.S. military conducted a series of nuclear tests. Baker explosion test is one, it releases a large number of high -level radioactive water , contaminating the many nearby vessels.

Fascinating Thailand

Fascinating Thailand

Have said that Thailand is a fascinating country. If what she described as a woman, she is the kind of people at first sight, goodbye memorable type. Her good look, inclusive subtle; her voluptuous figure, intriguing. For Thailand trip is certainly not enough time, because she has too many side worth ruminate-She always amazes you!

To this age , the original is not interested in these parks . However, the concentration of night gradually blurred vision , road trip around the Piedmont has repeatedly with pink , lemon yellow, bright blue minibus passing, dreamless sleep suddenly wake up , I started on this Phuket Island night expectations. Those jelly color mini-bus in the end, are FantaSea

Legendary Saipan Island

Legendary Saipan Island

There is such a place, while the sea is blue, while is green, while swarthy, structured. Walk in the way of the sea next to it will not help the urge to close. There, trample on coral reefs, gulls flying overhead, small fish bumped your legs from time to time. This is Saipan, which is a part of the island of legend.

If you love the purity of the Maldives, holidays afraid enough; if you love European luxury, afraid of cost overruns; if you love Hawaii enthusiasm, fear the distance; if you Ai Puji Island cheap, afraid of people crowded … … well, the beauty of the Pacific is Saipan Island would be a good choice. And, here is the only one Chinese tourists without a visa can reach U.S. terr

Mashup Indonesia

Mashup Indonesia

Indonesia, is a very special country. In a sense, it is very close to the city we are living: Some monuments, some cultures, but also some noise and pollution. This is a contradictory mix of country, the conflicting parties live together in one city and live in harmony, touching different parts of Indonesia, the resulting type is the kind of lopsided Mangrenmoxiang happiness can also be described as “vista” type of happy surprises.

This is a small fee country, as long as someone else provides services ranging from Check-in to the directions, had to tip. Take a taxi to be ready to change, because the drivers do not give change.

Senior Players: Young hairy. Indonesia there is a mix of t

“Urban Oasis”: The Royal Park Hotel in Singapore

The immediate area of ​​15,000 square meters of this piece of “Urban Oasis” by Singapore’s famous architectural firm WOHA penned “PARKROYAL on Pickering” Royal Park Hotel. Although located in the bustling Singapore CBD, Chinatown and Clarke Quay between, but actually the opposite Hong Lim Park, just like an extension of exterior planting a large number of palm trees, flowering plants, bushes and the Court of shade trees, lush air it stands in the garden has become a central business district of a tropical landscape, but also pregnant with multiple species, attracting the surrounding habitat for birds and insects to come.

Lots of flowers and trees, not only helps cool down , b

Nepal: Medieval Buddhist mountains

Nepal: Medieval Buddhist mountains

Few countries seem to be able to have it more like the same number in Nepal: South Asian mountain kingdom, the world’s largest country differences in the surface, the gods kingdom …… Here, you can enjoy the feeling of mystery religions, the ancient folk strange, it seems never changed the marketplace of life. But one thing, you need to slow down in order to really into them.

Yes, Nepal is the world’s third pole of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the next, but she is far from the natural conditions of the Qinghai-Tibet so bad, on the contrary, Nepal is the world’s most diverse country climate, its size and its terrain is complex the world.

Nepal in the same season in different regio

Close to nature with the soul: Nine nude travel destination

Close to nature with the soul: Nine nude travel destination

Hot springs are Japanese people for centuries insisted health traditions. Wenquan Li festival many, such as washing before entering the spa body; when you go near the hot springs, use a small towel covering key positions; When you enter the spa, do not provoke waves. Some hot spring water is used for drinking, drinking before the need to determine whether it drinkable. Some hot springs bathing is not allowed to enter who are charged with tattoos.

In the American photographer Spencer – Tunick large bare performances gathering, you can devote the name of art nude. In 2001, more than 4,000 people in Melbourne’s Yarra River in Melbourne gloomy formed a sea of pink flesh. Barcelona Institute of

Original manufacturers:Abu Dhabi Ferrari Theme Park Adventure

Original manufacturers:Abu Dhabi Ferrari Theme Park Adventure

Ferrari theme park in Abu Dhabi, Ferrari will pedal to the metal after the thrill brought to this park, which is the first car manufacturer theme park. In addition to the world’s fastest rollercoaster, Ferrari also experience almost all related projects!





Ferrari pedal to the metal after the thrill brought this in Abu Dhabi Ferrari World theme park . The Italian car manufacturer was the first to build their own theme park sports car manufacturer , which is the world’s largest indoor theme park , but also the Middle East’s first indoor theme park . Ferrari theme park in Abu Dhabi , the entire construction project covers an area of ​​200,000 square meter

Vietnam freehand sea home: a lifetime worth a visit

Vietnam freehand sea home: a lifetime worth a visit

If Vietnam is the world’s most flavor of a painting, that Hue to Danang this section must be one of the most enjoyable part of it. “National Geographic” that it is life must go, How about you? Pick a good room, to see a real.


Freehand sea home one: rest in poetic

InterContinental Danang Resort Sunshine Peninsula

Location Danang

Opened the wooden blinds, front rendered the ultimate dream in life is vast : blue sky, coconut trees , clear water and white sand – truly a paradise. Arrived in Vietnam Danang airport, get on Sunshine Peninsula InterContinental Danang Resort reception arranged car to the resort . About 20 minutes later, the car into the monkey mountain, into the jung

World’s top ten most economical tourist destination

World's top ten most economical tourist destination

Want tourist outing, persevering, cash-strapped, presumably so many people give up travel plans. However, do not spend a lot of money on travel, Singapore’s famous tourist sites “Relax” inventory of the world’s 10 most expensive tourist destination, including Cambodia, Vietnam and India, known for its beautiful scenery, charming folk customs and low price levels were ranked first, second and third.



The world-famous Angkor Wat in Cambodia, her magical, vicissitudes and beautiful without saying. And this country is growing up, the price is very low, is the high cost tourist destination. In Cambodia, one day $ 2  can solve the accommodation problem, and basically everyt

Peruvian capital cliff a “picture frame” Hotel

Peruvian capital cliff a

According to British media reports, the cliffs of Lima, Peru, will build a tilted picture frame shaped like a huge hotel. This construction company OOIIO by the Madrid design hotel, perched on the cliffs of arms, looked from one side, the picture frame is a beautiful Pacific Ocean, and looked from the other side, it is the majestic Andes, design perfect. Although built away from the center of the cliff, shift became the capital of Lima landmarks.

According to British media reports, the cliffs of Lima, Peru, will build a tilted picture frame shaped like a huge hotel .

This construction company by the Madrid OOIIO designed ” Frame” hotel , perched on the cliffs of arms, as seen from

Wellendorff Jewelry Brand

Wellendorff Jewelry Brand

Jewelry Name:Wellendorff                                                                           

Type: family-owned

Origin: Germany

Founding people: Ernst Alexander Wellendorff

Founded: 1893

Headquarters: Pforzheim, Germany


Wellendorff Brand Story


The world’s top jewelry brands wellendorff born in southwestern Germany gold of city- Pforzheim. This town has a long history and unique Metallurgical Technology of leading jewelry made ​​in Germany.


18th-century German society,Since living in poverty, there has been a lot of orphans

on the streets,Survival becomes particularly difficult,Duke of Baden and his wife

began to take care of these poor o

The most anticipated luxury hotel in the future

The most anticipated luxury hotel in the future

Luxury hotels may be the future of flight is Aeroscraft, it is a weight of about 400 tons of giant blimp that can be used to carry passengers, and its huge interior space, related facilities and luxury airliner par.

Luxury hotels may be flying in the future

This flight hotel’s head of two football fields, relying on 14 million cubic feet (about 396,000 cubic meters) of helium, giant hydrogen fuel cell powered propellers and six turbojet floating in the air and flying. It can accommodate 250 passengers, can reach an altitude of 8000 feet (about 2438 meters). In addition to allowing passengers to experience the joy of flying outside, Aeroscraft has prepared for them a VIP rooms, a casino,

Southeast Asia has not been fully developed to explore paradise

Southeast Asia has not been fully developed to explore paradise

Holidays, of course, is the ideal holiday destination for those exotic islands and beaches, so near and yet most people in Southeast Asia beach island also welcome. For many people, the strangeness is often the pursuit of one of the holiday abroad, but in those popular islands and beaches, wave after wave of visitors to this exotic unique strangeness gone.


Kuantan : Malaysian seaside town

I believe the vast majority  people have never heard of this seaside city ‘s name. Kuantan (Kuantan) is the capital of Pahang, Malaysia is also the largest city in the east coast of West Malaysia , is located near the mouth of Kuantan . Kuantan sunshine ( holiday ) adequate, a tropical rainfore

Struggle to push super five-star hotel high price suites

Struggle to push super five-star hotel high price suites

From Paris to New York from London to San Francisco, the major competing to launch ultra-luxury five-star hotel features suites, these suites have a great view, a unique interior and equipped with custom-made furniture, and very spacious.


Swiss charm

Opened only eight months in Switzerland The Alpina Gstaad hotel has 56 rooms, including an area of ​​about 400 square meters of modern country style Panoramic Suite (Panorama Suite). The suite has a private spa relaxation room (shown in the figure). Its decoration used for several centuries, from the history of Swiss farms recycled wood, also with a private gym and a massage area.


London Scenery

As a $ 100 million renov