Cool summer inventory of fine jewelry jellyfish shape

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Jewelry designer is a genius that does not leave, they can use different shapes and patterns to express emotional appeal. Jellyfish shape somewhat like an inverted octopus, designers think of it as looking for new creative muse. Dior Joaillerie colorful jellyfish looks very luxurious.


Design and eclectic mix of luxury and art complete perfect conversion. The unique design and perfect creative, whether bright or low-key and elegant, will reveal different emotions, get exclusive favor. Van Cleef & Arpels fresh and elegant, making pearls, diamonds, mother of pearl fit perfect.


Stephen Webster black jellyfish shape earrings make women more adds a bit of mystery.


Percossi Papi jellyfish shape earrings, long tassels kind of national wind breath.


Jean Schlumberger per Tiffany & Co jellyfish shape brooch, the perfect blend of blue and white, so that you feel from the deep charm.


Leyla Abdollahi jellyfish shape earrings, flowing curves repeated jellyfish swim in the ears, the color is also very fresh and wild.


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