Temperament woman dress collocation secrets 21 of the most suitable dress with jewelry recommendation

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Mentioned jewelry luxurious impression is often beautiful, magnificent, improper use in daily life will have “show off their wealth” impression. Especially the shuttle office OL, if you choose just the right mix of jewelry accessories biased, perhaps simply because the source will lead to a lot full of “meaning” of the debate. Small jewelry universities ask if there are reasonable match, the image can be improved leap.



Movie “The Queen” stills, clip, add a touch of black ornate style jacket

Brooch to create elegant styling

A delicate and exquisite jewelry small accessories will be able to always refracted light, so that the overall image becomes gentle also followed up. For example, in a suit on a small and unique brooch embellishment, you can get an instant change shape perception. Select slick design is the key, not too flamboyant style can not be too unimaginative, bright spots in the exquisite sense of goodwill is the leading entry coupons. This single product with the handsome tough chic suit, you can immediately softening and the strong perception, so feminine along comes out.

Recommended accessories brooch


Antique Collection antique diamond bow brooch of gold and silver fine jewelry Asulikeit


Mikimoto Akoya pearl diamond brooch

2rdn_51abca371fa04 3rdn_51abca381afc3


Zebra brooch Tiffany & Co.



Silk Road ruby brooch Van Cleef & Arpels



Antique Collection antique fine jewelry gold diamond brooch Asulikeit


Movie “Coco Chanel” in wearing a pearl necklace Ms. Chanel vintage earrings

Good image of small objects Achievement

Not just exquisite brooch class can bring unexpected results, the election of a necklace or earrings can also have a good image of the conversion. Fine jewelry and other precious metals and diamonds agate real money to create a glorious Needless to say, such as using overly extravagant diamond necklace with a classic little black suit, or with pearl earrings and a necklace with a suit suit, blazer neutral taste in such delicate delicate decorative accessories, but also the quiet temperament with gentle water.

Small accessories recommended


Movie “Coco Chanel” in wearing a pearl necklace Ms. Chanel vintage earrings


1932 Series Diamond Earrings Chanel


Trinity tri-color gold necklace Cartier


Elsa Peretti? Open Heart platinum diamond pendant Tiffany & Co.


 Bulgari Bulgari series 18K rose gold earrings

2013 Spring/Summer Paris Fashion Week Runway Leonard#°ÍÀè2013´ºÏÄʱװÖÜ£ºLeonard

Leonard 2013 spring and summer fashion series, exaggerated gold bracelet as straight lines add a stylish atmosphere packages

Large volume play a Queen Fan children

Sense of volume in the use of jewelry accessories are often more difficult than the compact models, overly ornate design in their daily work because too prominent inevitably be subject to criticism, in fact, in order to balance gorgeous and slim, choose the rich contemporary design will secure many . Such as long chain decoration is more suitable shape with a suit. Gas field weaker girl choose similar style can make the overall image looks a lot stronger, there will not be too deliberate feeling, multi-level modeling jewelry but they can dress as a whole lot of extra points.

Bulky accessories recommended


My Dior Dior fine jewelry Bangle


Monogram necklace fine jewelry Versace


Tango series rose gold inlaid semi Pomellato brown diamond necklace



Octagonal series of diamond earrings Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry


Chanel 2013 spring and summer series with exaggerated pearl accessories with high-waist skirt suit

Fake jewelry is really popular

“Do not be genuine, just amazing shock”, Coco Chanel used to be with these words of people scoff costume jewelry (Costume Jewelry) sought after by people to find a reason. Coco Chanel with a mix of creative way to tell the world: jewelry not only show off their wealth preservation tool, but and fashion with the means to achieve the best visual effects. It is precisely because Ms. Chanel unique personal charm stretches so far led to the costume jewelry trend. Subsequently, emerging fashion circle also followed, including Trifari, Monet, Coro, Lisner, Vendome, including many well-known costume jewelry brands.

OL dress for everyday purposes, highlighting the effects of artificial jewelry clearly higher than genuine fine jewelry more practical. In particular, with a neat suit jacket, inherently capable Impression I, you can achieve gorgeous delicate effect. Especially in recent quarters, with costume jewelry craze gradually rise, in aid of technological means, resin, shell, turquoise, enamel, plastic, ceramic, crystal, and even stainless steel jewelry designs have been introduced. These non-precious materials, has a unique advantage, lightweight and easy to splice material characteristics, making many finished with amazing visual effects. Use these costume jewelry to match commuting attire, let OL becomes wider range of options.

Recommended costume jewelry



Multilayer bronze decorative necklace Ashley Pittman


Brass decorative necklace Gucci

3rdn_51abce27b780aDecorative brass necklace Marni


Quartz and crystal decorative ring Emilio Pucci


Three resin necklace Gucci


Glass rings Saint Laurent Paris


Crystal decorative Baroque style necklace Dolce & Gabbana

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