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 To celebrate the 120th anniversary of the birth of the brand, wellendorff has Adlon Hotel in Berlin, Germany and Havre de Palace held the 120th anniversary celebrations. Today, wellendorff’s third-generation descendant of the family Hansipeite · wellendorff and his wife, Ms. Eva wellendorff , across the ocean, the wellendorff jewelry 120th anniversary of joy brought to Beijing .

ellendorff full range of annual rings

wellendorff full range of annual rings

wellendorff family invited celebrities, jewelry collectors, family friends gathered in Beijing to share the German real value of pure jewelry culture.

Hansipeite · wellendorff, Mr. not only the 120th anniversary of the first time, “Happy Magic” and “fusion of magic” special series brought to a close friend of China and wellendorff are together, it is its most significant gold commemorative and collectibles knitting flower necklace, gold belt and prepared to spend the annual rings since 1997 a full range of both to China. Gold velvet luster, diamonds seductive flash, soft texture, attractive enamel colors, wellendorff jewelry will be the most moving through the story and emotion delivered to all jewelry lovers.

wellendorff Luofujinsi edition flower belt

Created in 1977, the first edition flower gold necklace, family history is an important milestone: Hansipeite · wellendorff, Mr. painstaking years of research, the completion of his wife’s “impossible dream” – a silky soft necklaces and jewelry appreciation for the creation of a new third dimension: touch. Since then compiled silky soft gold flower necklace has also become wellendorff’s most prestigious design world. Subsequently, in 2007, cum gold necklace prepared to spend the 30th anniversary of launch, wellendorff Workshop created a long 13.53 meters of wellendorff prepared to spend the longest gold necklace. This actual consumption of the world’s longest Jewelry 700 meters gold, and its level of luxury self-evident.

wellendorff 's first annual Memorial Band 1997

wellendorff ‘s first annual Memorial Band 1997

1997 handover to China, wellendorff as inspiration created the first one annual ring “ring in Hong Kong.” Only this one’s exclusive style rings, so envy of the world, and created a stunning extraordinary design line. Since then, wellendorff apartment every year to create a special purpose limited edition ring, only a handful of the world have enjoyed the annual rings of lady luck. Every year before the release of the annual rings, we will receive order requests from around the world. wellendorff loyal customers are entitled to pre-emptive rights, which is the wellendorff brand loyal customers on the best feedback.

2013 Band of Angels Wyatt's Anniversary


2013 Band of Angels Wyatt’s Anniversary


wellendorff jewelry will always through the touching story and emotion demonstrated most vividly. Little angel engraved Let recalled because love is born all the magical charm. “wellendorff 120th anniversary series of jewelry” is a workshop for the first time wellendorff seductive charm of the precious multicolored integrated into the elegant amulet pendants among women in the re-interpretation of the beauty at the same time, show the wellendorff Goldsmiths attainments of another pinnacle. This group touching “wellendorff 120th anniversary series of jewelry,” including amulets pendants, rings and earrings, limited edition of just 120. Among the most stunning exquisite diamond weighing 7 kt noncentral only one eternal global amulet pendant perfectly. Diamond light shine in highly feminine curves among amulet pendants, while the eye-catching center diamonds as guardian of the two flaming bright dazzling full diamond ring.

wellendorff 120th Anniversary Series Eternity Amulet Pendant V


wellendorff 120th Anniversary Series: Eternity Amulet Pendant-V type

The “wellendorff 120th anniversary series of jewelry” in the same great commemorative value “happy magic” and “fusion of magic” special series is based on noble elegant purple and yellow for the tone, the crystals embedded in the bottom covered with diamonds , Crystal exudes incomparable brilliance and dazzling special inlay way from the bottom of the diamond embraced, dazzling. From precious multicolored magic and energy of perfect presents wellendorff jewelry meaning: to give joy and guardian.

Fusion Fusion magic magic amulet pendant & ring

Fusion Fusion magic magic amulet pendant & ring

Happy magic amulets pendants& Happy Magic Ring

Happy magic amulets pendants& Happy Magic Ring

wellendorff every piece of jewelry, goldsmiths are built with craftsmanship. Each one is unique in having a private jewelry. Each one gems full of passion, joy and magic. Generations of wellendorff brand essence is still experiencing the 120 years lasting shine like a diamond, and this is the eternal pursuit of the wellendorff real value, only to create the world’s most perfect To attain the highest quality jewelry.

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